Farley Mowat is a Canadian legend - the author of such beloved works as Never Cry Wolf, The Dog Who Wouldn't Be, The Grey Seas Under, A Whale for the Killing, Sea of Slaughter and many more. He is also a cherished friend of Silver Donald Cameron, who won a National Magazine Award for his portrayal of Mowat. When Silver Donald was asked to write Mowat's television biography, he was delighted

How did Mowat become such a passionate and unflinching writer, such a piercing critic of environmental folly, such a superb narrator of the stories of sea and forest and tundra, such an eloquent advocate for people on the margins of modern life? This video explores the origins of Mowat's vision in his childhood, his youthful service in World War II, his travels in the North and his relationship with animals.

Produced by Mots et Images, Montreal, and broadcast on the CBC's "Life and Times" series. Available from the CBC Boutique. Go to "Video & DVD" and click on "Biography."