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“He did such an excellent job — and received such glowing remarks from attendees — that I truly could not suggest improvement.”

— Larry Kennedy, Human Resources Development Canada

“Sometimes hilarious and sometimes heart-rending. In the short term, his comments were entertaining. In the long term, his ideas were thought-provoking.”

— Anne Heinze-Silvis, University of Illinois

“Stimulating, insightful and provocative.”

— Peter Nemetz, Vancouver Institute, University of British Columbia

“A master at his craft — intelligent, funny, poignant, thoughtful. Our conference was a great success— and Silver made it gold.”

— David Hopper, Canadian Land Reclamation Association

“Your poignant and thought-provoking remarks set the tone for the weekend and played an important part in the success of the whole event!”

— Dave Crumby, Easter Counties Regional Library

“We wanted someone who was witty, thoughtful, known to people, and who could lead the participants through an enjoyable, productive and stimulating day. Silver Donald Cameron was great to work with and did a superb job for us. Nice style, good quips, good anecdotes!

— Renee Lyons, Atlantic Health Promotion Research Centre

“I congratulate you on blowing them away!!”

— Sue Rickards, Selby Associates Inc.

“Silver Donald Cameron has the ability to grasp his audience with stories that reflect his zest for life, his compassion for those less fortunate, the humorous characters that have crossed his path and especially his passion towards protecting our planet.”

— Terry MacIntyre, Nova Scotia Salmon Association

“I’m sure it was as clear to you as it was to me that the crowd thoroughly enjoyed your tales. (The story of the peddler from Canso was new to me and surely must count among your greatest hits.) I believe the underlying message hit home, too. Thanks again. ”

— Rick Alexander, Government of Nova Scotia

“Silver Donald Cameron was the perfect speaker for an evening celebrating Nova Scotia beaches. His unique insight about the complexity and beauty of our beach systems paired with his ability to describe coastal processes in clear and moving ways is rare. His wit and wisdom, his easy-going manner and his adventurous spirit really made the evening.”

— Jen Graham, Ecology Action Centre, Halifax, NS

“Silver Donald Cameron is very down to earth and related well to the audience. He used stories and examples that the group found stimulating and useful. He also gave us lots of laughs! Overall, our group really enjoyed his speech.”

— Liz Roberts, Manitoba Association of Agricultural Societies

Testimonial for Silver Donald Cameron at the 2011 Manitoba CD/CED Gathering in Winnipeg:

As an organizer, it was a pleasure to work with Don – he was accommodating, flexible and willing to really engage with our conference participants. Not to mention, just a generally kind and interesting person to get to know! We wanted a speaker who could be inspiring and engaging in order to set the tone for a very full day of community economic development information and workshops. The following comments from our after-event, online evaluation will show that he achieved this goal, and more!

“Silver Don Cameron’s talk was great. A great speaker and an incredibly fascinating topic. Very inspiring.”

“The key-note address was captivating! Loved it!”

“The opening key note by Silver really set the tone for the day.”

“Loved the opening and presentation by Silver Donald Cameron. Great way to start the day! Best yet!”

“I thought that Silver Donald Cameron was a dynamic, knowledgeable, and entertaining speaker…Great!”

“I think having an inspirational theme in the plenary like this year’s key-note, is great. It’s a good way to get people excited and thinking broadly for the rest of the day.”

“The keynote address was both informative and inspiring. Best keynote I’ve heard at the Gathering.”

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