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Ten Top Tips for Successful Self-Employment ( And Why ALL Employment is Self-Employment)

Silver Donald Cameron

Stephen Leacock put it perfectly.

You know, said Leacock, many a man realizes late in life that if when he was a boy he had known what he knows now, instead of being what he is he would be what he won't; but how few boys stop to think that if they knew what they don't know instead of being what they will be, they wouldn't be?

Okay. As we take our places in the work force, what should we know that we don't know?

We should know that we're working for ourselves, no matter who writes our pay cheque.

People today change jobs and careers the way they change their motor oil. So, despite the illusion of permanent employment, nobody actually has an employer. We just have serial clients. The main difference between employment and self-employment is that the self-employed professional usually knows when the job will end. And s/he knows how to get another, and another, and another.

Shouldn't everyone know that?

Aside from a couple of years as a university dean, Silver Donald Cameron has been self-employed and living by his wits for more than 30 years. He's learned what he knows about self-employment at the College of Painful Experience. Some clients are impossible to satisfy. Others go bankrupt and don't pay. Some are generous and appreciative. You learn to tell the difference. You persevere. Over time, you get smarter and faster and better.

Self-employed people find that they're not only writers, or engineers, or dentists. The bank and the government think they're businesses. And they have to do all the things a business does. Research and development. Production. Marketing. Selling. Book-keeping. Cash-flow management. Budgetting and planning. Creating a benefits plan. Collecting and remitting taxes.

So what are the most important things for you to know?What are the mistakes that will sink you? What are the tools you really must master if you're going to succeed? Where should you spend your money – and when should you conserve it?

How do you know how much to charge?And what can you do to make your work fun? After all, says Silver Donald, if it isn't fun and it isn't rewarding, why in tunket would you do it?

Silver Donald Cameron has chosen “ten top tips” for you – short-cuts to make self-employment easier, more lucrative and more enjoyable. The same techniques will also make you a more valuable employee. From marketing to time management, from continuous learning to continuous communication, from fee-setting to financing, Silver Donald reveals the secrets of making your working life so enjoyable and rewarding that it doesn't even seem like work.

“And that,” says Silver Donald, “is the goal. That's the only kind of success worth having.”


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