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A Gift of River (1990)

A Gift of River was commissioned from Needham Gate Productions by the St. John River Promotional Association; Needham Gate Productions was then owned by Charles Doucet, a cherished friend of Silver Donald Cameron. The two completed many projects together during the late 1980s and early 1990s, including numerous commercial and industrial videos as well as four of the five videos described here.

The St. John River rises in the backwoods of Maine, forms the international border at Edmundston, winds its way through lush farmlands and finger lakes to the provincial capital city, Fredericton, and reaches the sea at the industrial centre of Saint John. A Gift of River focusses on the Lower St. John. It is a gorgeous piece of work, reflecting the beauty and intricacy of one of Canada’s most beautiful rivers.

Broadcast on CBC TV and on PBS in the United States. Available, if at all, from the Saint John River Promotional Association.