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"Using the Law to Defend the Planet" is rooted in the work of 17 trailblazing lawyers in Silver Donald’s book Warrior Lawyers, and it describes a new paradigm: where traditional environmental law works through the permit system to "legalize harms," as one lawyer puts it, these lawyers seek to prevent these harms altogether.  In a world where governments and corporations conspire against both human beings and the natural world, they seek relief in the courts, which are moved by logic and evidence, not by the next election or the next quarterly report. 

The lawyers involved come from nine different countries – the Netherlands, the Philippines, Ecuador, Australia, Argentina, South Africa, the United States, Canada, and Britain – and they represent an equally broad array of clients: slum dwellers, children, NGOs, aboriginals, unborn generations, foundations.  They are part of a broader movement that seeks respect not only for the rights of all humans, but for the rights of all living things – animals, rivers, forests, oceans, insects and birds.

Often mischievous but always serious, these advocates love to upend conventional thinking. They revitalize dormant laws, find new interpretations for existing laws, and press for the creation of new laws to meet our new challenges – a law of ecocide, for instance, to mirror the existing prohibition on ecocide. They are passionate, articulate, courageous and -- surprisingly -- entertaining. One reviewer called the book "a romp with some of the finest legal minds on the planet... You get to the end and realize you have feasted on both revolution and hope."

If your audience is overdue for a feast of revolution, entertainment and hope, call on Silver Donald Cameron. This is the keynote for you.


"Using the Law to Defend  the Planet" is a companion presentation to the book Warrior Lawyers: From Manila to Manhattan, Attorneys for the Earth and the 67-minute feature documentary film, Green Rights: The Human Right to a Healthy World. A screening of the film, and/or a deeply discounted bulk purchase of the book can be packaged together with the presentation.

The trailer for the film can be screened here: http://ow.ly/er1330gE7cZ  A copy of the e-book and a private link to stream the film are available on request.  The book and film are keystone components of the Green Rights project (www.GreenRights.com) which tells the stories of citizens and lawyers who are literally changing the world, one lawsuit at a time -- a powerful antidote to hopelessness and despair.

Format: 45-60 minute keynote with Q&A if desired

This program is perfect for:

Lawyers, law schools and legal organizations

Environmental organizations

Audiences focused on sustainability, politics or social change

The audience will leave with:

An appreciation for the power of the law as an instrument for social change

An understanding that even an unsuccessful lawsuit can be a win

A renewed admiration for the legal system's reliance on sound reasoning and solid evidence, as opposed to political pressure and lobbying

Inspiring examples of small groups and dedicated individuals who are literally changing the world.


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