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Audio Tapes and CDs by Silver Donald Cameron


In October, 1938, the great Canadian schooner Bluenose met the American schooner Gertrude L. Thebaud in the last of the championship races between the fishermen of New England and those of Atlantic Canada. Bluenose, since 1921 the undefeated champion, was old and tired, and her legendary master, Angus Walters, knew he was racing into history. The play ranges back in time to explore the fishing and sailing culture of the North Atlantic, and the perennial rivalry between Gloucester, Massachusetts and Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. It includes storms at sea, world celebrity and the end of working sail, and it ends with Bluenose’s magnificent charge to victory in the dying moments of the fifth and final race.

Script by Silver Donald Cameron. Starring Gordon Pinsent, Richard Donat and Mary-Colin Chisholm. Music composed and arranged by Scott Macmillan, and performed by Scott Macmillan and The Octet. The Last Hook was an ACTRA Award finalist in 1986. Now available on CD.


by Silver Donald Cameron is included in Stan Rogers’ album Poetic Justice.

This CD includes The Sisters, a prize-winning radio drama by Silver Donald Cameron, music by Stan Rogers. An eerie re-telling of a legendary Nova Scotia story, The Sisters was a finalist for the ACTRA Award in Radio Drama, and was also the Canadian entry in the radio drama competition for the Prix Italia, the world’s leading international radio awards.

“If You Were Mine”

by Silver Donald Cameron, is included in Scott Macmillan’s album The Minnie Sessions, Vol 1.

Scott Macmillan’s “Minnie Sessions” tapes are recordings made at Macmillan’s home in Cape Breton, which was once owned by Minnie Adams, a Cape Breton natural healer. They’re also “mini” sessions — minimalist recordings of relaxed and intimate performances by a handful of musicians who are also friends. For more details, visit www.scottmacmillan.ca

The first of the Minnie Sessions tapes includes “If You Were Mine,” a tune by Maurice Lennon with words by Silver Donald Cameron, sung by Doris Mason. Silver Donald wrote the lyrics for his secon