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The Globe and Mail columns

For two years, from 1997 to 1999, Silver Donald Cameron wrote a monthly column for The Globe and Mail in a series called “The Provinces.” The role of the column was to reflect the realities of Atlantic Canada to the readers of “Canada’s National Newspaper” and to provide other Canadians with a taste of the Maritime viewpoint on regional and national affairs. He portrayed Maritime life with gusto and humour, often voicing regional grievances but also providing numerous accounts of surprising Maritime successes.

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The Halifax Sunday Herald columns

In 1998, Silver Donald Cameron was approached by the Halifax Chronicle-Herald to provide a weekly column for The Novascotian, the feature section of the new Sunday Herald. His first column appeared in the first issue of the new paper, and Рaside from a three-month break in late 2003 Рhe has produced a column for every issue since.

“This column has been a wonderful experience,” he notes. “I’m not restricted to any subject or range of subjects. I’ve done fiction, humour, political and social commentary, travel and environmental writing, advocacy, profiles, history, book reviews – whatever’s pushing my button any particular week. A column like this is a writer’s dream.”