Silver Donald Cameron is one of Canada's most versatile and experienced professional authors, He is currently Host and Executive Producer of, an environmental website devoted to intense, in-depth conversations with the brilliant thinkers and activists who are leading the way to a green and sustainable future. His literary work includes plays, films, radio and TV scripts, an extensive body of corporate and governmental writing, hundreds of magazine articles and 17 books, including two novels. ....[more]


Just re-issued! The book that predicted Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy! This is Silver Donald Cameron's classic account of the ceaseless dance at the restless boundary between the land and the sea -- what moves the beach, what plants and animals (and birds) live there, how humans use it, enjoy it and destroy it, and how it mirrors the very essence of life on earth.



Good Sport: Stories about Sport for Development Across Canada is the most recent of six "Little Square Books" that Silver Donald Cameron has written for the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation and its partner organizations. These short books are designed to promote the ideas that the Foundation is supporting through its grant-making.

The notion of “sport for development,” for instance, is that sport touches almost every household, involves people of every age and station, and brings them together to pursue shared goals. So, starting with sport, you can build community even in the most dispossessed neighbourhoods. This book tells how that's been done from the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver to the suburbs of Montreal, from the roughest neighbourhoods in Winnipeg to the First Nations of James Bay. It's an inspiring idea, and it's spreading across the nation.




Silver Donald Cameron hosts maritime segment of David Suzuki's Blue Dot Tour!

The tour will raise public awareness of the human right to a healthy environment – and the fact that Canadian law does not recognize that right. The Blue Dot tour began in St. John's, NL on September 24, and ends in Vancouver on November 9. The Maritime events will take place in Halifax, NS (Sept 27), Summerside, PEI (Sept 29) and Saint John, NB (Sept 30).


TedxNovaScotia -  What Can One Person Do? (June 2014)

Not long ago, in a coffee shop not far from here, a student from the College of Sustainability here at Dalhousie University interviewed me about my environmental work. At the end of the interview she said, “Can I ask you a personal question?”

Sure, I said.

“The problems are so overwhelming – climate change, toxic chemicals, ocean acidification,” she said. “How do you keep from despair? What can one person do?”

View the Silver Donald Cameron's TEDxNovaScotia talk here.


Latest Interview:
Santiago Manuin is a subscription web site of extended interviews - normally about an hour in length - between Silver Donald Cameron and the thinkers, writers and observers whose ideas and perceptions are leading the way to a new era of sustainability.

Your Right to a Healthy World!

GreenRights is a multi-media project that shows the global impact of environmental rights by telling vivid stories of citizens and lawyers who wield those rights vigorously and powerfully to stop old-growth logging, slash urban air pollution, prevent irresponsible mining and drilling, and clean up desperately-polluted waterways. The stories take place in Ecuador, India, France, Argentina, the Philippines – and in Canada and the US, where citizens and advocates are struggling to obtain environmental rights.


SALMON WARS - A Video Documentary

In 2010, strongly encouraged by Nova Scotia's NDP government, international salmon-farming corporations moved to establish massive new salmon feedlots in three pristine bays and harbours, and to expand existing feedlots in other inlets. Galvanized by the threat to wildlife habitat, tourism, salmon runs and the all-important lobster fishery, Nova Scotia's coastal communities furiously opposed the plan, to no avail. [Learn more]