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Books by Silver Donald Cameron

Books co-authored by Silver Donald Cameron


Here are some of the many anthologies which include Silver Donald Cameron’s writing:

Bailey and Unruh, eds., Great Canadian Murder and Mystery Stories (1991)
Barker, ed., Remembering Peter Gzowski (2002)
Brooks and Hale, eds., Nearly an Island (1979)
Buxton, ed., Prose for Discussion (1980)
Choyce, ed., The Cape Breton Collection (1984)
Colombo’s Canadian Quotations (1974)
Colombo’s Concise Canadian Quotations (1976)
Colombo, ed, Famous Lasting Words (2000)
Congo, ed., Free to Soar (1987)
Corbin & Rolls, eds., The Centre of the World at the Edge of a Continent (1996)
Davis, ed., Conversations with Robertson Davies (1989)
Dunlop and Jackson, Understanding Our Environment (1991)
Fetherling, ed., Best Canadian Essays 1989 (1990)
Geddes, ed., Divided We Stand (1977)
Gzowski, ed., The Fifth (and Probably Last) Morningside Papers (1994)
Gzowksi, ed., Peter Gzowski’s Spring Tonic (1979)
Haas and Shaffir, eds., Decency and Deviance (1974)
Harcourt and Metcalf, eds., 76: New Canadian Stories (1976)
Heide, ed., Maritime Lines: An Anthology of Contemporary Plays (1988)
Heller, ed., Respond in Writing (2002)
Kerrigan and Webb, eds, From Thought to Finish (2003)
Klinck and Watters, eds., Canadian Anthology (1974)
MacDonald, ed., The Media Game (1972)
New, ed., Modern Canadian Essays (1976)
New, ed., Active Voice (1986)
Page, ed., Mental Patients and the Law (1973)
Rae, ed., Everybody’s Favourites (1997)
Ravvin, ed., Great Stories of the Sea (1999)
Sanders, Capua and Alpert, eds., The Canadian Crisis (1992)
Thurston, ed., The Sea’s Voice (2005)
Weaver, ed., Canadian Short Stories, Third Series (1978)